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Having project managed the year-long renovation of her 1930's London home, Katie fell in love with the complex but exciting world of renovation and interior design. She started the Walmington Project to share that experience with other renovators and continue creating beautiful, liveable homes. 

Katie is particularly passionate about retaining period features in a home, whilst creating modern spaces that are warm and full of interest. She is also a lover of biophilic design and connecting the interior of a home with the nature outside. 

Alongside launching the Walmington Project, Katie took a break from her 13-year communications career to study a diploma in interior design. She completed her studies in Summer 2022 whilst on maternity leave looking after her young son. Katie's aim is to help you with the big ideas, as well as the real nitty gritty of your renovation - bringing you important considerations and insights, and saving you valuable time and energy to focus on the fun stuff. 

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