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And that continues throughout the project - from the tiniest of details to the biggest of features.

I created the Walmington Project to offer a home renovation and design service to those wanting to embark on the exciting journey of a renovation, but who are lacking in time or in need of some guidance on how to get started. Let me help you turn your vision for your home into a reality.

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Following extensive research into the needs of renovators, I have created a service that is flexible and affordable, drawing on the experience and learnings of my own renovation. The main focus of the service is "design research" - taking on the lengthy process of researching suppliers, products and services to help you achieve your dream renovation on-budget.

Following a 30-minute free, no obligation consultation, my services can include any combination of the below. 


Whether you're focusing on one room or a top-to-toe renovation, I will listen to your needs and preferences, and provide you with a detailed proposal, including all the required elements for your space - and what they cost. Think of this as a virtual shopping list that allows you to focus your energy on choosing the final item list and seeing it transform your home.

Proposals start from £400


Before or during the research process I can work with you to discuss various layout options for your space - helping you to achieve the look and feel you have in mind, along with the needs and practicalities required of the space.


The research proposal I provide will save you the time and, more importantly, the stress of seeking and negotiating quotes from numerous suppliers. I have a great list of supplier contacts from my own renovation and will also build new ones depending on your needs. What you save via my trade accounts will very often cover my fee!

My full service is designed to be delivered remotely, so it doesn't matter at all where you are based. I also offer site visits wherever possible. 

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Get in touch today for additional information on how I can help you with your project. I will endeavour to respond to you within 48 hours.

Thanks for submitting!

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